Navigating the Icebergs

One of the books I received for Christmas was a biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer. The particular edition, simply called Shackleton and written by Roland Huntford* had long been on my reading list following good reviews I’d read. I also feel a ‘personal’ connection with Shackleton, as Charles Green, who was theContinue reading “Navigating the Icebergs”

Turning the Page

For several years now, during the last week of the year, I’ve found myself looking back through my diary and listing all the enjoyable, non-routine things I’ve done. No appointments with my chiropracter or dentist, for example, make it onto the list. The things which do make it are those things which have given meContinue reading “Turning the Page”

A Day of Change and Constancy

Far from the crowded pavements of London, I woke to watch the sun rising over the ancient cliffs and timeless shores round Lyme Bay in Dorset. Walking along the promenade at Lyme Regis, usually so noisy with the scrape of cafe tables and chairs being set out for the day’s customers, the silence was profound.Continue reading “A Day of Change and Constancy”

Finding the Perfect Space

I’ve always enjoyed driving, despite the ever-growing volume of traffic on the roads (highways.) Sometimes, I even find it relaxing. On regular journeys, I have landmarks I look out for as a way of making the journey pass more quickly: simple things such as a particularly attractive building, a strangely shaped tree or a favouriteContinue reading “Finding the Perfect Space”

A Box of Delights

Who likes eating chocolate? Most of us, probably, if we’re honest. My love affair with chocolate started with the simple ‘one finger of chocolate’ bar that I was allowed after lunch in early childhood. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed tearing open the wrapper and the shiny foil inside and sinking my teeth into that delicious,Continue reading “A Box of Delights”

Don’t Lose Your Place

I love reading and have done ever since I was first able to turn those strange shapes on the page into the gateways to new and absorbing worlds inhabited by fascinating people. At any period, I’m usually reading two books: one chosen by majority vote of the book club I belong to and the secondContinue reading “Don’t Lose Your Place”

Peeling Back the Layers

A few weeks I visited the Museum of Brands in London’s Notting Hill Gate area. It was fascinating to look at the many packets and tins spanning the decades from Victorian times to the present. (There are also fashions, household appliances and toys to see; it’s a great, nostalgia fest if you’re in London.) AlmostContinue reading “Peeling Back the Layers”

Welcome to Sunlight Through the Shadows

Always fascinated as a child by church buildings and what might be inside them, though I didn’t go to church then, at different times I’ve been part of a Baptist church (in my teens), an Anglican church in town and two rural parishes. In my current parish, I’m on the Parochial Church Council and headContinue reading “Welcome to Sunlight Through the Shadows”