I Followed Women

I followedAwakened by instinctAs dawn broke. I followed womenKeeping respectful distanceAs they wound through quiet streets. I followed women quietlySlipping through sun’s strengthening raysAs they left the sleeping city. I followed women quietly clusteredCurious about their destinationAs they hurried furtively. I followed women quietly clustered closeCarrying jars and clothsAs they came near Golgotha. I followedContinue reading “I Followed Women”

I Followed a Man

I followedAs a donkey carried a manAlong a coat strewn road to Jerusalem I followed peopleAs they pushed and jostledOne another towards Jerusalem I followed people surgingAs they shouted “Hosanna”Along the triumphant road to Jerusalem I followed people surging through city streetsAs they argued about the manWho’d led them to Jerusalem I followed people surgingContinue reading “I Followed a Man”

Packing for Holy Week

As tomorrow is Palm Sunday, like Christians everywhere I’m about to begin my journey through Holy Week towards Easter. There are so many preparations to make before setting out on a journey aren’t there? I sometimes find that I spend the first two days of a trip simply recovering from all the effort needed toContinue reading “Packing for Holy Week”